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Today I’m grateful for life.. I’m grateful to be able to do all things through love. I’m grateful for my creator. I’m grateful to be creative. I’m grateful for love. ❤


Today, I’m grateful for cannabis. It calms my anxiety and my loud overthinking mind. This one plant has the potential to heal the world. It will be legal one day. There is nothing shameful about using this plant. It’s a plant after all. I chose this way, because I’ve tried the other way. The doctor prescribed, antibiotic taking, opiod addicted way. Yea, fuck that way. God put that plant on the earth for us to use and heal with. I choose to heal..


Today, I’m grateful for coincidences. Those kind of coincidences that you feel with your being. I was talking with a friend about being on the edge of creation and at that moment, I knew that I am divinely guided. I knew that I was right where I’m supposed to be. Before she stopped by I was feeling worthless. When she left, I was open and even more ready to receive. I am patience. I am peace. I am forgiveness. I am one. I..AM..LOVE..