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Today I’m grateful for my comfy bed. I remember a time when I didn’t have one at all. A pallet on the floor, then an air matress, now, a full size pillow top. It’s all the little things that build into big things that I’m truly grateful for. I have enough. I’m grateful for all that I have. I.. am.. enough..

New Moon Intentions January16,2018

I release my past. 

That part is done. 

I welcome my future. 

That part, although slightly clear, is unknown. 

I am eternally grateful. 

Grateful, well, I’m grateful for everything. 

I am love. 

The kind of love that is limitless. 

I am forgiven.

Forgiven for my past mistakes so I can, in turn, forgive those who’ve made my past difficult. 

I am patience. 

I prayed for patience, today, I’m grateful for the lesson. 

I am faithful. 

I have faith that I am divinely guided and all will be fine. 

I am abundant. 

I have more than enough at all times. 

I am prosperity. 

I am open to receive all forms of finances.

I am healed. 

Spiritually, physically, and mentally, I am healed. 

I am wiser. 

I am ready to learn everything I can about healing and life. 

I am beekeeper. 

I will manifest a way for this to happen in my life. 

I.. Am.. One..

So it is…💕


Today I find myself grateful for seasons. It’s snowing outside! That makes my inner child laugh and sing..🤗 With seasons come change. I’m taking this time to focus on my goals. I am beekeeper. It’ll happen. Slow and steady wins the race. I’m setting my intentions to better every aspect of my life. My faith, my knowledge, my love, my gentleness, my motivation, my gratefulness,my humbleness, my abundance,my prosperity, my spirit, my life. I am love, I am gratitude, I am patient, I am forgiven, I am one, I am whole, I am healer. 

I… Am…Open..💕